"If America can go on breeding men like that, she will be a power in the world indeed"
by cm

US Western Hemisphere Domination in 1898
Public DomainUS Western Hemisphere Domination in 1898 - Credit: Philadelphia Press
By 1897, when Dracula was published, the USA was already a commercial power.  It was the world's largest producer of agricultural goods, iron, steel and oil, and new technologies such as electricity and the telephone were in common usage. However Stoker's prediction, that America would become "a power in the world indeed", was to be proven correct far more quickly than he could have anticipated.

In 1898, one year after the book's publication, America defeated imperial Spain in a ten-week war fought in Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.  The victory gave the USA a small colonial empire and left it the unrivalled military and political power in the Western Hemisphere.  It would be just two decades more before World War I and the Treaty of Versailles confirmed the USA's dominant position in the world.