"he almost managed to sit down on his silk hat"
Top Hat (Austin Lane Crothers)
Public DomainTop Hat (Austin Lane Crothers) - Credit: US Library of Congress
Alexandra Fyodorovna and Nicholas II of Russia, 1894
Public DomainAlexandra Fyodorovna and Nicholas II of Russia, 1894 - Credit: wikimedia commons

Victorian gentlemen’s fashion involved dressing smartly: a long-sleeved shirt, waistcoat and long coat, trousers and a tall, silk top-hat. The height of the hat reflected the social standing, wealth and importance of the man (hence the famous towering hat of Abraham Lincoln). Cravats, pocket-watches, gloves and walking sticks added personal statements to the outfit. 

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Women’s clothes were designed to cover the whole body, as proper ladies were expected to be modest and demure. Dresses were long, covering neck, arms and ankles, with a cuirassed bodice or corset that provided a slim shape. A bustle (framework under the dress) could be used to give the skirt a wide, full shape. Big, colourful hats, gloves, fans and parasols were used to accessorise the outfit. 

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Victorian dresses
Creative Commons AttributionVictorian dresses - Credit: Storye book/Wikimedia Commons