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Page 40. " Coutts & Co., London "
by hector
Coutts Bank, 59 Strand, 1902
Public DomainCoutts Bank, 59 Strand, 1902
  Coutts is a British private bank, famously the Queen's bank, and the 7th oldest bank in the world.  In Bram Stoker's day, it was a noble independent house, situated at 59 Strand.

After WWI, it merged with the National Provincial & Union Bank of England, which later merged with the Westminster Bank to form NatWest.  This in turn was acquired by the Royal Bank of Scotland, the ill-fated financial services group that had to be bailed out by the British Government in 2008.  Consequently, Coutts (which has since dropped the toxic RBS tag from its name) is currently majority owned by the Government.  It remains the bank of choice for a wide range of British and international celebrities and millionaires.