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Page 7. " came after nightfall to Klausenburgh "
Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburgh)
Creative Commons AttributionCluj-Napoca (Klausenburgh) - Credit: Cristian Bortes/WIkimedia Commons

Klausenburgh is known today as Cluj-Napoca, capital of the province of Transylvania in Romania. At the time Dracula was written, Transylvania was a separate state under Austro-Hungarian rule, and not part of the kingdom of Romania.


Historic regions of Romania
Public DomainHistoric regions of Romania - Credit: Scooter20/Wikimedia Commons






Jonathan’s Journey:

Jonathan has travelled from England, through France, to Munich in Germany. From Munich he journeys to Vienna in Austria, before continuing on to Buda-Pesth (Budapest) in Hungary. Budapest is situated on the river Danube, which separates the two parts of the city, Buda and Pesth, once two separate cities. From Budapest he travels to Transylvania, now part of modern Romania. He stops at Klausenburgh, then continues on to Bistritz (Bistrița), a town in northern Transylvania. From there he finally makes his way to Castle Dracula, situated in the midst of the Carpathian mountains on the border of three states: Transylvania, Moldavia, and Bukovina.


Jonathan's journey from Munich to Bistrita
Public DomainJonathan's journey from Munich to Bistrița - Credit: GoogleMaps