David Grinspoon, born in 1959 in America is a scientist that specialises in planetary sciences. Grinspoon comes from a professional and educated background, being the son of author Lester Grinspoon and an established psychiatrist from Harvard. In regard to David Grinspoon’s own education, he boasts degrees in the fields of ‘Philosophy of Science’ and ‘Planetary Science’ from Brown University and also a doctorate in ‘Planetary Sciences’ from University of Arizona. Aside from writing, Grinspoon has established a well-known and boosting career as a scientist. Grinspoon serves to NASA as an advisor regarding space exploration strategies, is a team member for the ‘NASA Astrobiology Institute Titan Team’, serves as a ‘science Co-Investigator’ and leads the team for Education and Public Outreach for the Radiation Assessment Detector on the Mars Science Laboratory. Alongside, Grinspoon is also currently working as an interdisciplinary scientist on the ‘European Space Agency’s Venus Express’ spacecraft mission to Venus. David Grinspoon has written out three books till date respectively and are as followed; Earth in Human Hands, Lonely Planets, and Venus Revealed. Grinspoon also regularly publishes scientific papers and writings that are published in famous periodicals such as “The New York Times” or “The Sciences”. Grinspoon has also featured in many interviews for famous channels such as History Channel or BBC World. Grinspoon has also presented talks at international conferences based around Europe, America and Australia. Grinspoon has been awarded for his exemplary work numerous times such as the 2006 Carl Sagan Medal by the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society for excellence in Public Communication for Planetary Sciences, the PEN Center USA literary award for Research Notification in 2004, or the Alpha Greek Award in 2007 by the WIRED Magazine; to name a few. Apart from his professional life, in a look towards Grinspoon’s personal life; Grinspoon is known to be a passionate musician and composer and is currently working with the “House Band Universe”. Grinspoon lives in Washington D.C, USA with his wife.

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