Page 30. " Much of our knowledge of planetary climate has come from Ames, ad this can be traced largely to the outsize influence of Jim Pollack "

Such increased influence by Jim Pollack, it made me wonder about the man. Jim specialises in atmospheric sciences and has investigated upon dinosaurs extinction and the possibility of a nuclear winter.

Page 43. " As we learn about the history of Earth’s fellow travelers, and become more sophisticated about planetary evolution, what really stands out as unusual about Earth is how stable its climate has been "

As David further explains, Earth should have been frozen by scientific studies but instead it is getting warmer, thus developing room for a paradox. This has brought me to the edge of my chair and grasped my attention.

Page 49. " If size is key, why did a planet so similar in size to Earth evolve in such a different way? "

This refers to such a major difference between both planets such as the presence of tectonic plates on our planet contrary to Venus. As David explains, it is a mystery but can be related to dryness of climate to a certain extent.