Page 454. " There is also the image of the noosphere and especially the internet as a developing nervous system of Earth, with us as a thinking, connecting nodes and all our satellite sensors as the ears and eyes of the world "

I believe I cannot agree more with this statement of Grinspoon as internet has become a core need for mankind these days in our everyday lives and thus the comparison to nervous system is justified. The satellites around us are justified to be the ears and eyes of the world as our Earth senses the outer solar system through those.

Page 456. " The idea of a domesticated planet makes us squirm "

I somewhat do agree to this statement as the world has industrialised so much that the concept of the world being domesticated is just radical.

Page 458. " We have to learn how to drive this thing and figure out where we’re going, or else we’re doomed. "

This is an extremely interesting comment, as this comment pretty much sums up the book. Humans for years have acted selfishly and our actions have hurt our own home. So I do agree with this statement because as we all know that our future is in our hands which is why we must think about it. Our actions must reflect our commitment to our home, on which we all rely.

Page 471. " The more we can, collectively, anticipate and meet the future, the less we’ll have to learn the hard way. "

I picked this statement from the book, as I believe that this statement perfectly define the nature of all humans. We do not consider various things important until they affect us negatively, which, is why we have faced certain setbacks in the past.