Earth in Human Hands is a book with a purpose to indicate the environment shaped by ourselves. However, the author, David Grinspoon takes up on the topic in a different manner; that being of observing the environmental problems at hand rather through a perspective of an astrobiologist. The book begins with stabilizing  the perspective through which the book is written by introducing Grinspoon, his studies, his specialisation in sciences (astrobiology and planetary sciences) and then giving a subtle hint of his beliefs towards Earth and its gradual destruction. The book rather than simply touching the common problem of climate changes, emphasises on the influence that humans are capable of on Earth. Through this, Grinspoon strikes at his first and foremost important point; the need of humans to become ‘planetary engineers and caretakers’. Grinspoon talks about his interactions with other scientists he has met at numerous conferences around the globe and thus compares his view and perception of environmental problems at hand with a global perspective. He then digs deep into sciences and explains how humans have not tended to change or damage Earth from their own hands. Rather, it has happened indirectly to meet human needs through processes such as industrialisation; classifying such changes as a ‘third kind’. He then emphasises on the need of human actions to reshape the planet on their own responsibility for it to survive long term; this being the ‘fourth kind’. Some knowledge is therefore shed on the ‘first kind’ and ‘second kind’. The first kind is classified as random events such as natural disasters (tornadoes, volcanic eruptions) and the second one being an excessive amount of greenhouse gases being omitted. Sometimes, Grinspoon brings in the topic of planetary sciences; Venus and Mars as planets themselves, extraterrestrial life, and how America and Russia have worked towards gaining any realistic knowledge about it or any attempts to interact with a species we think of as aliens but do not know about. The book passionately discusses the long search and struggle for “active extraterrestrial intelligence”. However, the book lastly does come back on its most essential topic at hand; that being the need of humans to take responsibility and reshaping Earth with gentle care for the betterment of our own future.