Mark Hertsgaard was a journalist, and author, who managed to accomplish a lot in the course of his lifetime. He was born in 1956, and passed away in 2013. He graduated from John Hopkins Unversity, and managed to accomplish a lot during his lifetime. Mark turned his focus towards the environment and it's issues during 1990, he travelled around four continents, and nineteen countries, which helped in producing his book "Earth Odyssey." He wrote "climate change adaptation" later on, continuing his line of ecology. He achieved a lot in his lifestyle, and that certainly improved his respect for me.

Some of his best accomplishments include:

- Working for The Nation

- Reporting for New Yorker magazine

- Writing, On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency

Vanity Fair


Harper’s Bazaar

The Guardian 

Le Monde


- Was a founder of the Baltimore City Paper


- Worked for Institute for Policy Studies 

Mark Hertsgaard had immense issues regarding the environment, which caused him to travel around, in an attempt to understand the environmental issues, especially considering the personal experience he would attain. He had an extremely charismatic personality, as well as social- he travelled around and met with different people from different backgrounds, to understand the world and the people that lived in the world. Unfortunately, he was shot in New Orleans, 2013, whilst he was attending a Mother’s Day second line parade.