Page 122. " ‘It’s the only water we have. I try to boil it first, but that’s not always possible.’ "

Mark had spent time interviewing people in Leningard, and this is what one of the people being interviewed said. The water in Leningard was safe to clean, which is why the people tried to boil in an attempt to make the water potable. This quote appealed to me because it was surprising to see that people were forced to drink dirty water.

Page 123. " Part of the reason Kiril treated me decently, I realized, was that I represented a possible entrée to the United States, a country he yearned to visit. "

Kiril, a friend, felt that the Soviet Union was backwards, ugly, and poor. He hated it, and wanted to come to the US. Kiril’s thoughts on the Soviet Union appealed to me because I have never been to the Soviet Union.