Page 158. " ‘In my village, when a girl was preparing to marry, the first thing the parents checked was, will the back wall of the would-be son-in-law be white or not? If not white, they approved the marriage, because that meant his family was wealthy enough to keep the house warm.’ "

One thing that I love about this book is that as Mark travels around the world, the reader gets to find out about different cultures and beliefs, which is why this quote seemed so appealing. Zhenbing stated this when he was talking about his village in China.

Page 166. " Despite its terrible health effects, China's dependance on coal is bound to continue, if only because coal is one of the few natural resources China has in any abundance. "

This quote shows how poverty in China, causes people to use coal, not because they have alternatives, but because they have to, which results in terrible health effects, as well as ozone depletion.