Page 53. " By imposing their will on the natural world, by turning its power and resources to their own purposes through the application of knowledge and technology, humans could become masters of their fate "

Human’s will benefit their own future by focusing on applying their knowledge to protect our natural resources.

Page 55. " Instead, I faced another sixteen miles of hard labor beneath a sun. "

While Hertsgaard was in Uganda, he had to use a bike for transportation because motorized sources of transportation were rare there. The struggles that he faced appealed to me because it also showed the struggles of the Ugandans. The Ugandans would have to travel in the heat, on bikes or similar sources of transportation to get somewhere.

Page 60. " Little did I know that this raucous explosion of life was already under severe environmental stress. "

While traveling through Lake Nakuru, Mark admired the wild life there. What he didn’t know was that in a few years, Lake Nakuru would reduce to a quarter of its former size. The drought that place faced was part of the reason.