Countries visited in Earth Odyssey

  • Chongqing

  • Jialing

  • Shanxi Province

  • Prague

  • Holland

  • France

  • Italy

  • Germany

  • Sweden

  • Soviet Union: Mark Hertsgaard spent a month in Soviet Union and learned that people there were full of complaints and self pity. It is a place where you can find the finest art, theater, dance, and architecture but the water is extremely unsafe to drink as it includes a lot of human and industrial waste water constantly dumped into their main rivers. Water pollution is what he mainly investigated and found that people were aware about their water quality but just never spoke about it.

  • Czechoslovakia

  • Greece

  • Turkey

  • Kenya

  • Sudan: In Africa, Mark saw how happy the people were with what they had. He compared the people there to the Russians, who had so much and still weren’t happy. He saw the conditions they lived in, how their lifestyle differed from others, and how they were content with what they had in comparison to the Russians.

  • Uganda: Motorized transport was rare in Uganda. The wildlife population was breathtaking for Mark because it was so vivid and beautiful.

  • Thailand: Mark described Thailand to be a country in rapid transition. Whereas in Uganda automobiles were rare, they were everywhere in Thailand. Whether it be day or night, there was always traffic. The quality of air in Thailand was very bad because of the pollution.

  • Brazil

  • Amsterdam

  • Shanghai: Mark Hertsgaard spent quite a while exploring Shanghai. He found that the biggest issue in Shanghai was the terrible air quality. The people were willing to put up with the filthy air and dust if it meant better pay amd a chance to get ahead. Mark had his companion with him, who had grown up in China, and he humbled the book with his companion's childhood, struggle through poverty, and positive attitude.

  • Washington D.C

  • The Great Plains


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Amsterdam, Holland

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Pochala, Sudan



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Shanghai, China



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