"the Battle of Pinkie"

Known in Scotland as Black Saturday, the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh on 10 September 1547 was the last battle fought between the English Royal forces and the Scots.  It occurred during the War of the Rough Wooing, launched by Henry VIII after his plan to marry his son Edward to Mary Queen of Scots had come to nothing.  Alliance with Scotland through marriage having failed, Henry used force to deal with the continuous threat of an uncertain and often hostile neighbour, hence the name 'rough wooing'.  It is significant as the first modern battle fought in Britain, in that artillery, cavalry and infantry were deployed together, with a naval bombardment to support them.

The River Esk at Musselburgh. Author Renata
Public DomainThe River Esk at Musselburgh. Author Renata - Credit: Wikimedia Commons




The battle was fought along the banks of the River Esk near Musselburgh in Scotland.