"he was told that he was being taken to London for his creation as Prince of Wales"
Coat of Arms of the Prince of Wales
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCoat of Arms of the Prince of Wales - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As Henry's eldest and only son, Edward would have expected to be created Prince of Wales, a title traditionally, but not automatically, bestowed on the reigning monarch's male heir.

The tradition is associated with Edward I, who in 1301 invested his son Edward Caernafon with the title.  Legend has it that Edward promised the Welsh, after effectively defeating them and incorporating Wales into the English kingdom, that he would give them a prince who was born in Wales and who spoke no English.  His son, the future Edward II, was born during his father's campaigning in Wales, and as a newborn could speak no English.  This story is, however, not substantiated, as it can only be traced back to the 16th century.

The present Prince of Wales is Charles, eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II.  His badge of three ostrich feathers dates back to the Black Prince; he adopted it before being invested as Prince of Wales.  His motto 'Ich Dein', meaning 'I Serve', is German in origin.