"Denny was one of the smoothest operators of the age; Paulet, one of its great survivors"
Sir Anthony Denny (probably) Artist unknown
Public DomainSir Anthony Denny (probably) Artist unknown - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

After the arrest of Thomas Seymour, it is known that both Sir Anthony Denny and William Paulet visited Elizabeth at Hatfield and probably advised her on the best way to handle the situation she found herself in.   Elizabeth had stayed with Sir Anthony Denny after she left Catherine Parr's house in Chelsea.


One of the prominent members of the Privy Council and of the royal court itself during Henry's reign, Sir Anthony Denny was to remain friend to Elizabeth, and husband to the sister of Kat Ashley, Elizabeth's governess and long-time confidante.


Sir William Paulet enjoyed not only a remarkably long career, but also a very prosperous one at a time when many others did not.  The offices he held under Henry were of the very highest, becoming one of the Regency Council appointed to rule for the young  prince Edward upon the death of his father Henry VIII.  Close to Edward during his short reign, he managed to retain his offices during Mary's reign and to prosper under Elizabeth, who was to prove loyal to those who had befriended her as a princess.  He still held the office of Lord Treasurer when he died in 1572.  As his date of birth is believed to have been in either 1483 or 1485, his was an astonishingly long life, given that the average life span was considerably less.