"Aylmer, later Bishop of London, was a friend of Ascham and the beloved tutor of Lady Jane Grey. "
The Execution of Lady Jane Grey by Paul Delaroche 1883
Public DomainThe Execution of Lady Jane Grey by Paul Delaroche 1883 - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Lady Jane Grey (1536/7-1554) is also known as The Queen of Nine Days as that is as long as she ruled before her execution for high treason under the order of Mary I.  When he was close to death in 1553 Edward VI named this  great-granddaughter of Henry VII by his younger daughter Mary as his successor, overuling the Third Act of Succession which proclaimed Mary and Elizabeth, daughters of Henry VIII and Edward VI's sisters as the rightful heirs to the throne.  Jane spent her short reign in the Tower and was imprisoned there when the Privy Council changed sides and gave their allegiance to Mary.  Mary proved reluctant to give the order for her execution until the Wyatt Rebellion against her plans for a Spanish marriage forced her to reconsider.  Jane Grey was beheaded on 12 February 1554

Jane Grey was also resident in Catherine Parr's house at the same time as Elizabeth, following Henry's death.  Her tutor, John Aylmer, later to become Bishop of London, would have got to know Elizabeth at this time as Jane Grey, like Elizabeth herself, was considered to be amongst the best educated women of her time.

Helena Bonham Carter plays Lady Jane Grey at her execution in the 1986 film Lady Jane