"a notable collection of tastefully pornographic paintings by Titian. "

Tiziano Vecelli, or Titian as he has come to be known, was one of the most important 16th century Italian painters of the Venetian School.  Born in 1488/90 he lived until 1576, a long life by the standards of the day, and produced many works.  For the last twenty years of his life he painted mainly for Philip II of Spain, husband of Mary.  Most of these works were sold by Philip's successors, with only two remaining in the Prado in Madrid.  Considered 'pornographic', or at least risque, by the standards of the day, these included some of his most famous works such as the series called 'poesie' depicting scenes from the Ovid.


The Rape of Europa 1562 by Titian
Public DomainThe Rape of Europa 1562 by Titian - Credit: Wikimedia Commons