"Perkin Warbeck, the pretender to the English throne who claimed to be the younger of the Princes in the Tower"
Drawing of Perkin Warbeck. 15th century. Artist unknown
Public DomainDrawing of Perkin Warbeck. 15th century. Artist unknown - Credit: Wikimedia Commo

Perkin Warbeck claimed, as a descendent of the royal House of York, to be the rightful King of England during the reign of Henry VII.   He was perceived as a threat to Henry during the early years of the Tudor dynasty when the country was by no means settled in the aftermath of the War of the Roses.  He made several abortive attempts to land in England and to raise forces against Henry until his eventual capture and imprisonment in 1497.  Held as a prisoner until his execution on 23 November 1499, the legend, as claimed by Warbeck himself, that he was in fact Richard, Duke of York, the younger son of Edward IV and one the Princes in the Tower, persisted in popular folklore, and in fiction.