"like Daniel from the lions' den - all this, theatrically, as she passed the lions in the Tower menagerie"

The story of Daniel, as told in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament was invoked by Elizabeth as a metaphor of her own time of imprisonment.  In the Book of Daniel, Daniel, for refusing to give up his prayers to God, was thrown into a den of lions and left overnight with every expectation of him being dead, and eaten, by the morning.  However, when the stone blocking the entrance to the den was removed the next day, Daniel was alive and well.  King Darius, who had been tricked into this act, instead threw Daniel's enemies into the den, where they were all killed.


Panorama of the Outer Curtain Wall of the Tower of London 2006
Creative Commons AttributionPanorama of the Outer Curtain Wall of the Tower of London 2006 - Credit: Joy

There is no longer any evidence of the site of the medieval menagerie at the Tower of London but Edward I, who carried out major renovations to the Tower, added an outer curtain wall containing a new entrance with inner and outer gatehouses and a barbican.  This became known as the Lion Tower in association with the animals kept in the Tower's menagerie since about the 1330's.  The Lion Tower no longer exists.