"to pull down the pillars of the temple"
Samson Destroys the Temple. Bible Illustration 1890
Public DomainSamson Destroys the Temple. Bible Illustration 1890 - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The story of Samson is told in the Biblical Book of Judges (chapters 13-16).  He is granted supernatural strength by God to defeat the enemies of God.  He performs several feats such as wrestling a lion and slaying a whole army of enemies with only the jawbone of an ass.  He falls in love with a woman named Delilah who, after being bribed by the Philistines, tricks him into having his hair cut, thus losing his strength.  Blinded and delivered into the hands of his enemies, the Philistines, who indulge in idolatry, he is eventually led into the Temple of Dagon on a day of sacrifice, as an exhibit of the superiority of that god over Samson's.  His hair having grown long once more, Samson summons the help of God and pulls the Temple of Dagon down, killing both himself and many of his enemies.