In addition to being a novelist, Gabrielle Zevin has also been a screenwriter and occasional contributer to the New York Times Book Review. Zevin was born on October 24, 1977 in New York City, where she still resides. She attended college in Massachusetts at Harvard University. Elsewhere, her first novel for young adults, was published in 2005 and received a nomination for the 2006 Quill Award. Although she didn't win that particular award, she did win the Borders Original Voices Award. Elsewhere was even selected to be a part of the Barnes & Noble Book Club, undoubtedly earning her more recognition and a larger fan base.

Elsewhere can now be read in over 17 different languages. Interestingly enough, Zevin almost abandoned writing what amounted to be Elsewhere. When she first began, she had a basic idea of a girl who was the sole survivor of an accident which killed her entire family, and the newly dead family sailing away on a cruise ship. Months later a conversation about the predictability of chick flicks inspired Zevin to imagine the romantic element presented in Elsewhere. A week after that conversation, she was still interested in the love triangle and began to write the beginnings of Elsewhere.

Zevin's second novel for young adults, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, was published in 2007.

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