Acclimation Appointment
an orientation all new residents of Elsewhere must attend on their first day of residency
basically a job, but one that the employee truly enjoys doing
the building where the Division of Domestic Animals is located
the language of dogs
the language of cats
when a resident of Elsewhere is able to directly communicate with a resident of Earth
Department of Last Words
department where new residents go to verify their last words spoken before they died
Division of Domestic Animals of the Department of Acclimation
where deceased pets from Earth go to find new families on Elsewhere
a place not unlike Earth where people go to "live" once they are dead
Elsewhere Bureau of Supernatural Crime and Contact
department in charge of catching those who attempt to Contact Earth residents
Elsewhere DMV
similar to an Earth DMV; mostly used to take away licenses when Elsewhere residents become too young to use them
the form of currency used in Elsewhere
German and Yiddish word which is said after a person sneezes
Healing Center
where Elsewhere residents go to be healed when they have been injured
Infinity Tank
a diving tank that will never run out of oxygen
message in a bottle
Observation Deck
places where Elsewhere residents can go to view what is happening on Earth; located on the SS Nile, docked boats, and lighthouses throughout Elsewhere
Office of Acclimation
where all acclimation appointments are held
the building where the Office of Acclimation is located
the act of leaving Elsewhere and returning to Earth
the stream of water which takes Elsewhere residents back to Earth
a person who is 16 or under who goes back to Earth before living out their full "life" in Elsewhere
Sneaker Clause
residents of Elsewhere who die at the age of 16 and under are eligible to return to Earth early if they make their intentions known within the first year of residency
Watcher Syndrome
official term for the addiction of watching Earth from the Observation Decks
a place located underwater where Elsewhere residents can make Contact with people still on Earth