"an illustrated edition of Ovid's Metamorphosis"
Orpheus by Corot (1861)
GNU Free Documentation LicenseOrpheus by Corot (1861) - Credit: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

  Ovid (43BC-18AD) was a Roman poet best known for his mythic poem, the Metamorphoses, about the creation and history of the world. The poem is presented in 15 books which cover some 250 myths. Here is an extract from the tale of Orpheus and Euridice:

Truly Hymen there
was present during the wedding festivities
of Orpheus and Eurydice, but gave
no happy omen, neither hallowed words
nor joyful glances; and the torch he held
would only sputter, fill the eyes with smoke,
and cause no blaze while waving. The result
of that sad wedding, proved more terrible
than such foreboding fates.

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