Page 301. " It's so cold in Yukatia "

  Yakutsk, in the province of Yakutia, Russia is the coldest city on earth. The average maximum temperature for the month of January is -36ºC.


Page 316. " I saw the Trump Tower, which Dad thought was the ugliest building in America, and the United Nations, which Dad thought was incredibly beautiful. "
Trump tower
GNU Free Documentation LicenseTrump tower - Credit: Witchblue/S.F. Roberti

A dispassionate observer might wonder whether Oskar's father wasn't more influenced by what the buildings represent than what they look like.


United Nations HQ
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeUnited Nations HQ - Credit: Kjetil Ree


Page 324. " And then I wanted to tell her about the phone. "

People all over the world have contributed to this community art project to give creative expression to deep wishes, bitter regrets and touching deceits.