"The Greeks wept for joy when they beheld the Mediterranean from the hills of Asia, and hailed with rapture the boundary of their toils"
Black Sea near Balaklava, (2006)
Creative Commons AttributionBlack Sea near Balaklava, (2006) - Credit: Argenberg

   After an unsuccessful attempt to unseat King Artaxerxes II of Persia in 401 BC, an army of roughly ten thousand Greek mercenaries was forced to march across hundreds of miles of hostile terrain to get home.  The journey was later recorded by one of their leaders, a scholar named Xenophon, who famously recounts their sighting of the Black Sea from a mountaintop – named 'Theches' in the text, it has been identified as modern-day Turkey's 'Deveboynu Tepe'.

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Online edition of Xenophon's 'Anabasis' (4th-century BC)