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Page 136. " I traversed the northern highlands, and fixed on one of the remotest of the Orkneys as the scene "
Orkney Islands, UK, (2006)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeOrkney Islands, UK, (2006) - Credit: Pixie

   The Orkneys are a windswept archipelago of small islands off the north coast of Scotland – approximately 70 in all, of which 20-odd are currently inhabited. 

The islands have a long history of habitation, holding the remains of Skara Brae, Europe's most completely preserved Neolithic village. Although Frankenstein describes his island as "barren", most of the Orkneys are highly fertile.  As the most remote of the islands is more than fifty miles from mainland Scotland, we must either assume that Victor's "five miles distant" is a miscalculation, or that he is measuring from the largest of the Orkneys, which is colloquially named 'Mainland'.