"He’s back where he started, looking at the entrance to the quest."

A typical quest is to kill a monster
Public DomainA typical quest is to kill a monster - Credit: Gustave Moreau
A quest in a video game is a mission that needs to be completed to gain a reward. This reward might be gold, a powerful item or weapon, an item or information required to continue the game, or most commonly experience. Experience (often abbreviated to XP) measures a character’s progress in the game. Depending on the game, experience can be gained through completing quests, killing enemies, discovering new areas or talking to non-player characters. In many games, when enough experience is gained the character gains a new level. This allows the player to improve their character through adding new abilities or building on existing ones, and increasing health points or characteristics such as strength or speed. Completing quests is therefore essential to advance in the game.


Quests are most commonly found in the RPG (role-play games) genre of games, in which players take the role of a fictional character in a fictional world. Quests are usually assigned by talking to a non-player character, who will give the player a specific task to carry out. Often the quest will be recorded in a log book or journal, and ticked off when completed. In MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) quests can often be completed in pairs or groups, allowing players to interact with other players. In many games if a quest is failed, the player will be sent back to the beginning and given the chance to try again. This appears to be the case here.