"Nice of them, he thinks, to put the soul-tree just outside. "
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeGraveyard - Credit: Dennis Turner on Geograph

A common feature of MMOs is the ability to resurrect when dead. This means that the player can get back up and continue with the game without having to repeat levels or start again. In some games this will happen automatically at a specific checkpoint or the place where the player died. In others, the player will be transported to a graveyard or resurrection point (in this case a ‘soul-tree’). In this game Rick appears as a ghost and has to travel back to his body before he can resurrect. This is similar to the game World of Warcraft, in which the player can either run back to their body, or choose to resurrect at the graveyard for a penalty of lost gold and experience. This feature means that in player versus player games it is harder for other players to ‘corpse camp,’ which means waiting at the spot where the player died in order to kill them over and over again while they are weak. In these games the player cannot continue the game or fight while they are a ghost, which is why the Maze will not let Rick continue until he has touched his body and resurrected.