"he flipped to another frame – Herkules404 – and kill him. Gods, why can’t these morons think up original names?"

A Roman statue of Hercules
Public DomainA Roman statue of Hercules - Credit: Jastrow/wikimedia commons

Herkules refers to the Greek hero Heracles (more commonly known as Hercules), who famously completed twelve seemingly impossible tasks and was elevated to Mount Olympus to become a god. Herakles was the son of Zeus, king of the Greek gods, and is the most famous hero in classical mythology. This is why Daed is not very impressed with the originality of the name.


In MMOs, players usually have to create a character whose role they will take as they play the game. They are required to choose a unique name so that their character will never be confused with another. Many players choose to name their characters after heroes from mythology or characters in films and books. If a name has been taken already, often players will respond by changing the spelling slightly or adding numbers onto the end, creating a name that is unique but somewhat missing the point in doing so.