"Athene Glaukos. Well, at least she made a bit of effort"

Athene on an ancient Greek pot
GNU Free Documentation LicenseAthene on an ancient Greek pot - Credit: One dead president/wikimedia commons

 Athene is the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology. The girl who plays this character has managed to make the name more unique by adding ‘Glaukos,’ which means ‘shining’ or ‘gleaming.’ This shows that she has either put some effort into researching Athene, or has more than a passing knowledge of Greek mythology. ‘Glaukopis’ means ‘flashing eyes’ or ‘bright eyes,’ and is the common epithet given to Athene in Homer’s writing. Glaux is also the ancient Greek word for owl, named for its large, fierce eyes, and Glaucus is the owl of Athene. Athene is often portrayed with this owl on her shoulder in classical art.

More information about Athene and her epithet can be found on the Book Drum profile for Homer’s Odyssey.