"Rick, your HP’s critical"

A representation of hitpoints in a game
Public DomainA representation of hitpoints in a game - Credit: Decoy/wikimedia commons

HP in this story stands for ‘health points.’ In other games they are often called Hit Points or Damage Points. These are a common way for games to measure how much life a player’s character has, and how much damage they can take before they die. Different kinds of attacks might cause more damage, so a punch might take away one health point, whereas a fireball or stab with a dagger might take away ten. In some games the damage inflicted will have to punch through all the player’s armour points before it begins to take away health points. Killing an enemy usually consists of hitting them until all their health points are gone, a necessary game mechanic, but not a very realistic way to fight. Rick will discover for himself the differences between real world and game fighting later on in the story.