"What guilds do you belong to, anyway?"

A real-life Elizabethan guild hall
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeA real-life Elizabethan guild hall - Credit: David Dixon on Geograph

 Guilds are a common feature of MMOs. A guild is a group of players who join together, sharing a guild name, and often also sharing a special chat channel that only the guild members can read. Guilds are a way for players to get to know each other, talk and socialise, and help each other out with quests and group instances. Guilds might also be based on a particular ethos, or on common goals, for likeminded people to join and help each other. For example, guilds might focus on ‘raiding’, which means completing very tough instances in large groups, or they might focus on PvP. Some guilds take the game very seriously, whereas others are created for more casual players. Guilds are created and run by the players themselves, usually with a guildmaster who is in charge of recruiting and the general running of the guild. Depending on the game, guilds sometimes share a guildhall and a communal bank. Many players make very good friends in the guilds that they join, and will form lasting friendships, arrange meetings in real life, or even find their partner online in this way. People who do not play online games often do not appreciate this social aspect of online gaming, and that it is this that helps to make the games so compelling.