Page 139. " ‘Macaroon?’ He didn’t know what that meant. It sounded like a place, somewhere a long way away. "

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMacaroons - Credit: firehead_cj on Flickr

A macaroon is actually a light cake or biscuit made with ground almonds, sugar and egg whites, and sometimes coconut. They can come in an assortment of bright pastel colours, or plain ‘biscuit colour.’

Macaroon recipes from BBC food.

Page 141. " in the Maze, sometimes, if you said exactly the right thing, you could change a hostile NPC to a friendly one "

NPC stands for ‘non-player character’ – in other words, one controlled by the computer. NPCs can be anything from the background people who populate virtual cities, to shopkeepers who sell the player items and weapons, and quest givers who send the player out to accomplish a specific task. Some NPCs are very important to the storyline of the game. NPCs can also be hostile to players, or can become hostile through a player’s words or actions. In many role-play games, unfriendly or hostile NPCs can be persuaded to change their opinion of the player’s character through conversation. In many older games, this will consist of having enough skill points to charm or threaten (or enough money to bribe!) the NPC. In more sophisticated games, the player will have to use their judgement to work out what conversation choices the NPC wants to hear. It is actually quite rare for MMOs to have this feature.