Acid Rain
rain that is unusually acidic, caused by the emission of chemicals into the atmosphere.
artificial intelligence. In the game this is the programming that attempts to make the computer act as much like a human as it can. For example, a good AI will make sure that computer controlled characters remember when they have already spoken to a player.
Alternative Energy Source Century
a time in the past when humans had to find alternative energy sources because fossil fuels had run out.
Assassins, the
a guild in the Maze, of which Rick is a member.
a mysterious creation of Perdita’s that Daedalus wants to use in the new version of the Maze. Perdita refuses to give him the code, as she claims that Asterion is evil.
the virtual model that represents a player in the game.
1) an error in the programming of the game that causes it to run incorrectly. 2) a covert listening device used for spying on people.
computer generated image.
special glass that can withstand the damaging acid rain much better, although it does still have to be replaced eventually.
either source code or machine code. Source code is computer programming language, and machine code is the language that the computer can understand directly. These types of code tell the computer what to do and how to run the game.
Comms Panel
a panel that allows someone to communicate with others, contact housekeeping, or send for food.
the company that created and runs the Maze.
the designers who work on the Maze.
a unit of distance.
old games that are not true virtual reality. In other words, games in which players do not feel as though they are physically present in the game world and have to use a controller to play.
Gamemaster (GM)
the first line of customer support, who deal with in game issues and bugs, complaints, disputes, and players who are misusing the game or disobeying the terms of use.
a player of the Maze.
a form of money in the Maze.
a group of players in the game who share a similar ethos or similar goals. They unite to help each other complete quests and instances, to offer support and to socialise.
hidden cameras that Crater use to spy on their employees.
this word seems to mean old fashioned, or belonging to the old world.
an essential piece of equipment for a person who goes outside; it protects the wearer’s head and face from the acid rain, and stops them from breathing in harmful chemicals.
health points. These are the measurement of a player’s life in the Maze, which indicate how much more damage the player can take before they die.
a separate area of the game unique to the player who enters. Every time a player enters this area, a new but identical version of it is created. A player will not encounter another player in their own instance.
the new enhanced version of the tank, created to transport players into the modified Maze. This new tank can react to a player’s thoughts. The iTank also has a sleek new design.
all the things that can be taken from a dead enemy or a treasure chest in the game. This will usually consist of some gilt and perhaps a weapon or some armour.
Maze, the
a massively multiplayer online game (MMO). The Maze is a virtual reality game, so players feel as though they are actually physically in the game world. The point of the game seems to be to follow quests to gain loot and reputation. There is also a player versus player aspect to the game.
Non-player character; i.e. a character in the game that is controlled by the computer rather than a human player.
Old World
the world of the past, before it was destroyed by human error and pollution.
player versus player.
a task set for players in a game, which will ask them to fulfil an objective and then reward them when they do. These are essential to complete in order to advance in the game.
quests that are meant to be completed alone, without the help of other players.
the place where a player appears as a ghost when they die in the game. As a ghost, they will then travel to their body where they can resurrect and continue with the game.
a device that hooks players up to the Maze
the main city in the story. This is where the headquarters of Crater is located.
a small dragon-like creature that exists inside the Maze.