Page 4. " Umm Hassan had buried her four children one after the other. "
Public DomainFedayeen

The children of the refugees would become the Palestinian feedayeen, or freedom fighters. A plethora of resistance organizations sprang up in the refugee camps in the 1950s and 1960s. Nightly raids into, and attacks on, Israel would become a regular feature of the resistance.

Page 7. " you slipped into Galilee "
Public DomainGalilee - Credit: Pacman

Yunis was one of thousands of regular border-crossers – Palestinian refugees who crossed from neighboring Arab territory into Israel to visit their old villages, call on trusted relatives, and complete urgent business.  Many didn't survive the perils of their journey, and some were killed by Israel's Border Guard.

Eventually, border security in Israel improved to the extent that the slip-over became impossible. 

Page 10. " You said they were called Bab El Shams "

Gate of the Sun is a cave in the forests of Galilee, in the hills above the town of Deir Al Asad.


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Page 23. " the houses aren't demolished but collapsing and nearly in ruins "
Abanndoned Houses
Public DomainAbandoned Houses

Traces of the Arabs are still recognizable in modern-day Galilee. Stone terracing that was once homes, cactus plants, abandoned olive groves and orchards dot the landscape. In some cases, the mosque or church has survived.