Page 176. " The whole of Galilee collapsed between operations Dekel and Hiram "
Operations Dekel and Hiram brought Galilee under the control of the Israeli army. The Arab population either fled, or were expelled. More Arab communities survived in the east of Galilee (it being the part allocated to an Arab state by the UN) than in the west, which was effectively cleansed of Arabs.
Page 180. " The ALA didn’t even try to save the chickens "
The ALA, or Arab Liberation Army, rarely engaged the Israelis in battle. It was one of several Arab armies that were sent to Palestine, and comprised Iraqi and Yemeni soldiers. Syria, Jordan and Egypt also sent armies into Palestine. There was little cooperation and open animosity between the Arab countries. Syria and Egypt were defeated, while Jordan colluded with Israel and annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Egypt retained control of Gaza.
Page 186. " Noha said her grandmother walked and walked until her feet swelled "
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