Page 56. " savour the vintage olive oil "
Picking olives
Public DomainPicking olives

Olive oil is an important export for the Middle East, and an essential part of the region's history and culture.

Page 57. " People became afraid and called her the Madwoman of El Kabri "

When the town of al-Kabri fell, the cemetery was bulldozed along with the homes.

By 1992, the depopulated town was described thus: "crumbled walls and stone rubble, overgrown with thorns, weeds, and bushes".


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Page 61. " when I listen to Umm Kalthoum "

Known as the Star of the East (kawkab el-sharq), Umm Kulthum is the most recognized and celebrated Arab singer. Adored by millions across the Arab world, her music career spanned fifty years (1920 - 1970) and covered religious, nationalist, romantic and poetic compositions.



Page 63. " they'd fenced off the land they'd confiscated with barbed wire "

Israel expropriated hundreds of thousands of acres of Arab-owned land, for "security and settlement purposes." The Arab Israeli community could do little except watch.