Page 59. " The sign over the entrance said 'Mutant Mystery' and, in smaller letters, 'A Museum of Nature's Innovative Art' "

The sideshows in travelling carnivals often included a museum of oddities such as deformed taxidermied animals, objects supposedly belonging to famous people, and pickled punksa term used to refer to human fetuses preserved in jars. Most of the fetuses are used to illustrate anatomical abnormalities like those displayed in 'the Chute'. Often the fetuses would be billed as the result of drug abusing mothers, as a warning against such a lifestyle. An interesting comparison can be drawn betwen this and Lil's pride in her deliberate deformation of her children through drug abuse.


Page 63. " Coos Bay, Oregon "

The city of Coos Bay is located in Coos County, Oregon, where the Coos River enters Coos Bay on the Pacific Ocean.

Page 73. " Green River, he said, was a good town "
green river map
GNU Free Documentation Licensegreen river map - Credit: Seth IIys
Map showing the location of Green River, Wyoming.

Although Dunn does not specify which Green River the Binewskis plan to leave their child in, (there are several) Judging by the mountains she desribes on their journey and its position west of Laramie, where Al has sent the rest of the carnival east to, it would be a reasonable assumption that she is referring to Green River, Wyoming.