Geek Love is a book that i often give as a gift to people i know. By this I mean I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. The first time I read it it was lent to me by my college flatmate with whom I had sat up many nights watching live surgery on TV, discussing how we wished we had lived in the 1950s, our next tattoos, and how cool it would be to run away to join the circus. She knew that, rather than being put off by the book's graphic, shocking, often tasteless moments, they would add to my experience of this intensely beautiful book.

Geek Love is a dichotomy. At once it is a novel about otherness, about living seperately to society, in a world where 'normal' rules do not apply, and at the same time it is about family love and belonging, one thing we all identify with.

Themes of Freedom, power, cults, the family as a cult, nature versus nurture, parents and children's power struggle and role reversal 119, failings/powelessness of parents, hild takes over p127,132 son destroys rthe father