"the Dôme. I’ll avoid the damned Dôme. And, of course, it’s the Dôme I go to"

Le Dôme was Montparnasse’s central hub during the twenties and thirties, where artists of every stripe could ‘rent’ a table for a centime or two, where they drank, wrote, argued and often fell into alcohol-induced snoozes. The laws of the city did not apply inside the walls of Le Dôme. Intellectual or alcoholic aggression was ignored and penniless patrons would often leave a painting, poem, story or composition as payment. As a result, Le Dôme, along with La Rotonde, Le Select and La Closerie des Lilas (where Sasha and the Gigolo later move on to), were often awash with works of art now worth millions. All cafés are still in business.