"wondering vaguely who Moey and Chandon were"
Moet et Chandon_Bottle with Diamonds!
Creative Commons AttributionMoet et Chandon_Bottle with Diamonds! - Credit: bramus!/Bram Van Damme

One of the world’s largest champagne brands, Moët et Chandon is named for founder Claude Moët. The name Chandon was added after the company was turned over to Moët’s son, Victor, and his son-in-law, Pierre-Gabriel Chandon. Moët is often pronounced mo-way as it is seen as a French name; however, as Claude Moët was Dutch, the correct pronunciation is mo-wett or m-wet.

Crowley’s pondering stems from the lyrics of the Queen song "Killer Queen": the first line is “She keeps Moët et Chandon in a pretty cabinet”. Lead singer Freddie Mercury opts for the incorrect "French" pronunciation, thereby confusing the sophisticated Crowley.  

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