"he had a complete set of the Infamous Bibles"

Aziraphale’s Infamous Bibles are known as Bible Errata. From those mentioned, only the Buggre Alle This and Charing Cross editions are fabricated. There are numerous other Bible Errata (e.g. The Idle Shepherd Bible, in which the passage should have read “the idol shepherd”).

Aside from the Unrighteous and Wicked bibles, explained in the novel, the other errors were:

Standing Fishes Bible, 1806: Ezekiel 47:10 “And it shall come to pass, that the fishes shall stand upon it…” Fishes should have been fishers.

Discharge Bible, 1806: I Timothy 5:21 “I discharge thee before God…” Discharge should have been charge.

Treacle Bible, 1549: Jeremiah 8:22 “Is there no treacle in Gilead?” Treacle used to have a dual meaning in Early Modern English as either a cure-all or molasses. Modern texts generally use ‘medicine’.