Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland

Crowley took Glasgow, Aziraphale had Edinburgh


Creative Commons AttributionEdinburgh - Credit: http2007 / Thierry


Edinburgh and Glasgow are both cities in Scotland; Edinburgh is the capital, but Glasgow has the bigger population. Both cities are rich in cultural heritage, however Edinburgh is considered the core of the administrative, cultural, educational and service industries, while Glasgow is Scotland's commercial and industrial centre. This lends a sophisticated air to Edinburgh, while Glasgow is seen as less distinguished. So it is for Aziraphale and Crowley: the first is refined and courteous, while the latter is somewhat risqué.


Glasgow from Queens Park
Creative Commons AttributionGlasgow from Queens Park - Credit: Spiros2004 / John Lindie
St. James’ Park, London

Currently, what Aziraphale was doing was standing with Crowley by the duck pond in St. James' Park.

From the Bridge, St James Park @ London
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFrom the Bridge, St James Park @ London - Credit: Simon-And-You / Simon B

 St. James’ Park is the oldest of the Royal Parks of London. The Park was bought by Henry VIII to be used as a deer run. Charles II had it redesigned and opened to the public. Three palaces lie around the Park: Westminster Palace, St. James’ Palace and Buckingham Palace. The Park also includes Duck Island, which is rich in waterfowl.


Autumn in St. James Park - London
Creative Commons AttributionAutumn in St. James Park - London - Credit: bortescristian / Cristian Bortes
Aziraphale’s Bookshop, Soho

They sat opposite one another in the back room of Aziraphale's dingy old bookshop in Soho. 


Old Compton Street, Soho
Creative Commons AttributionOld Compton Street, Soho - Credit: Alan Light

Aziraphale’s bookshop in Soho, London, is small, dusty and unwelcoming, dissuading customers from purchasing his precious books.

Soho is a popular and slightly disreputable area of bars and restaurants, bookshops and sexshops, the proverbial melting pot of culture and class. The diversity and accessibility of the neighbourhood make this a prime spot for Aziraphale, as it seems to offer a little bit of everything. Soho is home to one of London’s larger gay communities, and Aziraphale is said to be “gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide.”


Soho bookshop, taken from inside
Creative Commons AttributionSoho bookshop, taken from inside - Credit: IK’s World Trip
Regent's Park, London

outside the Cultural Attaché's Regent's Park residence

The Regents Park
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe Regents Park - Credit: Morgaine

 Regent's Park is one of eight Royal Parks, and was once part of Henry VIII’s hunting grounds. Winfield House, located within its borders, is the official residence of the United States ambassador to the United Kingdom. The Park is also home to London Zoo.


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Winfield House London
Public DomainWinfield House London - Credit: United States Department of State
Oxfordshire, England

The Oxfordshire plain stretched out to the west, with a scattering of lights to mark the slumbering villages


The Chilterns, Oxfordshire
Creative Commons AttributionThe Chilterns, Oxfordshire - Credit: net_efekt, Flickr

 Oxfordshire is an English county, best known for Oxford University, the oldest institute of learning in the English-speaking world. It is built on limestone and chalk in the upland areas, and clay in the area between: it's a rich Oxfordshire loam in the East of the parish, rising to chalk in the West. The county is a popular tourist destination.




Church, Burford, Oxfordshire
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeChurch, Burford, Oxfordshire - Credit: Bleuchoi
Crowley’s Flat, Mayfair

Crowley's London flat was the epitome of style

The Audley Pub, Mayfair
Creative Commons AttributionThe Audley Pub, Mayfair - Credit: ktylerconk

Crowley’s flat is in Mayfair, a wealthy district of embassies, luxury hotels and expensive boutiques and car show rooms. Rents in Mayfair are some of the highest in London.

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