Creative Commons AttributionMoxie - Credit: Pete Welsh

Moxie is a carbonated drink that was the first of its kind sold in the United States.

It originated as a patent medicine in 1876, designed by Dr. Augustin Thompson. He claimed that it utilised a rare South American plant discovered by his friend Lieutenant Moxie, and was useful in treating paralysis, "softening of the brain," anxiety and insomnia.

Later, he added soda water to the medicine and sold it in bottles as a sweet drink. The product enjoyed great success, and even President Coolidge was said to enjoy it. However, the company made the decision in the 1930s to spend money expanding its sugar reserves, rather than maintaining its advertising campaigns. As a result, demand slumped.

The rise of Coca-Cola and similar products also had a detrimental impact on Moxie's sales, but the product is still available in certain areas of the US, such as Pennsylvania and New England.