"Palladian house"
Palladian house at Spye Park
Public DomainPalladian house at Spye Park - Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Palladian architecture is a European design style based on the work of Venetian architect Andrea Palladio.

Palladio's work was inspired by the symmetry and perspective of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. It achieved a great deal of popularity in Britain during the mid-17th century. It became popular again throughout Europe in the early 18th century. As this surge in popularity waned, British colonies in North America began making use of the style. Examples can be found in Drayton Hall, South Carolina; the Redwood Library, Newport, Rhode Island; the Morris-Jurnel Mansion in New York; and Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and Poplar Forest, Virginia.

The style was popular in Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries, but saw competition from the revival in Gothic architecture and opposition from those who deemed it too pagan given its roots in ancient Greek and Roman culture. However, it continues to have an influence on modern architecture today.