Page 734. " by the Angels Melchidael, Yahoel, Anafiel, and the great Metatron "

In Kabalah, Metatron is the angel who guards the Tree of Life. Melchidael is one of the top archangels. Yahoel was the angel that taught Abraham the Torah and acted as his guide. Anafiel is the keeper of the keys to Heaven.

Page 742. " The Fool "

In Tarot, the Fool represents an intuition beyond reason, a divine understanding of the inner workings of the world. He is unconcerned by the precipice above which he stands. He is often accompanied by a dog, representative of the distractions of the 'real' world, nipping at his heels.

It is easy to see the link between the figure of the Fool and Slothrop in Gravity's Rainbow.

Page 750. " barrel-assing down the long corridors at Nymphenburg "
Nymphenburg Palace
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeNymphenburg Palace - Credit: Richard Bartz

Nymphenburg Palace lies on the outskirts of Munich, Germany. It was the summer residence for the rulers of Bavaria.

The palace is built in the Baroque style, with facades 700 metres wide. The Stone Hall features frescoes by Johann Baptist Zimmermann and decorations by François de Cuvilliés. Some of the rooms have been redesigned with rococo or neoclassical stylings.

The palace is located in a 490 acre park with a canal and two lakes. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction.


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