Page 51. " great Lenity and Tenderness, as Qualities known and confessed by all the World "
King George I
Public DomainKing George I - Credit: Sir Godfrey Kneller (1646–1723)

Double-Talk is as old as government. The target here is George I, who ordered the execution of Jacobites and had it accompanied by parliamentary praise for his mercy and kindness.

Page 56. " yet I resolved never more to put any Confidence in Princes or Ministers "

Royal Feast
Public DomainRoyal Feast
Psalms 146:3 admonishes "Put not your trust in princes." The implication in the Bible is that God is a more powerful aid than any human being could be. When quoted in an earthly context, it implies that rulers are bound to sacrifice their word and their honor whenever it is necessary for "reasons of state" or for "the greater good".



Page 65. " I observed a huge Creature walking after them "

Giant holds Gulliver
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Page 66. " nothing is great or little otherwise than by Comparison "

The philosopher Swift has in mind was his friend George Berkeley (1685-1753) who developed a subjective theory of knowledge: one could learn only by sense perception (outside the area of religion) with such sense perception notoriously unreliable and incapable of demonstrating truth or reality. In his book, Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision, Berkeley stressed the relativity of judgment. The book was published in 1709.


Page 70. " get me for a Play-thing "
Gulliver is used as a plaything for a baby
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