Page 76. " I considered my self to be a perfect Stranger in the Country "

King George I of England
Public DomainKing George I of England
This is a sly dig at George I who was of German birth and breeding, who did not speak English and was a perfect stranger in the country he ruled.

Page 79. " Sanson's Atlas "
Nicolas Sanson
Public DomainNicolas Sanson

Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667) was a French map maker, whose atlases were popular and much copied.

Page 81. " the Phoenix of the Creation "

Phoenix Rising
Public DomainPhoenix Rising - Credit:
The phoenix is a legendary bird. According to Greek mythology, it lives for five hundred years, then constructs a nest of spices, sings a final song, sets fire to the nest with a flap of its wings and burns itself to ashes. Out of the ashes a new phoenix arises.

At any one time, only one phoenix exists, so that to be the "Pheonix of the Creation" is to be one of a kind, a nonpareil, completely and wonderfully unique.


Page 85. " this King and his Grandees "
Grandees looking at Gulliver
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Page 86. " Princes seldom get their Meat hot "
Gulliver in a Marrow Bone
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumGulliver in a Marrow Bone - Credit: ClipartETC

Louis XIV of France (who came to the throne in 1643 and was still ruling when Gulliver was in Brobdingnag) greatly exaggerated the complexities of etiquette in a deliberate attempt to break the power of the nobility. He encouraged them to value the small menial tasks he gave them, such as helping him dress or emptying his chamber pot. In this way, the noblemen stopped being dangerous malcontents and became instead pliant and utterly useless courtiers.

Other monarchs attempted to imitate Louis XIV as far as they could. The result was that the simple task of placing a dish of food before the monarch involved such an elaborate ritual, passing from hand to hand with flourish and ceremony, that by the time it reached the royal table the food was cold.

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