"Freshly caught Cornish pixies"

J.K. Rowling describes Cornish pixies as being blue in colour, although most mythological accounts depict them like fairies, with pointed ears, wearing green clothing and a pointed green hat. The stories come mainly from Cornwall, but some think they originated in Christian belief as the souls of young children who died without being baptised. Others say the word pixie derives from the Pictic tribes, who used to cover their bodies in blue. But pixie could also come from the Swedish word ‘pyske’ meaning ‘little fairy’.

In Cornwall there are many legends about these small creatures. One is about a little boy who got lost. For three days his mother, with the help of villagers, searched for him everywhere. On the fourth day she found him sleeping in the same place she last saw him. The little boy told them a story about a bird, who led him into a cave, where pixies dwelt. For three days they fed him honey and sang him to sleep.

Like naughty children, pixies are very mischievous. Some of their favourite pastimes are: confusing people by leading them astray; stealing horses and returning them with a tangled mane; and dancing under the moon and stars.